Who said that?

About Doug

Hi, I’m Doug Humphries, a freelance photographer from Salt Lake City, Utah. I specialize in studio, outdoor and on-site portraits. I’m also available for corporate events and product shots.

My first formal photography instruction was in college. I hadn’t planned on it, but it was required for my major, and so was a Photoshop 2.0 class. Yup. Two point zero—nearly 20 years ago, when a 20MB Bernoulli disc was huge and so was the Mac Quadra I was working on. From the moment I saw my first images taking shape in the darkroom and on my monitor, I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve worked as a designer, Adobe Certified Expert, writer, teacher, network administrator, Web developer and yes, of course, photographer. That last one makes me feel particularly lucky. I’ve created audition portraits for aspiring actors, dancers and models. Local companies have trusted me with their product and marketing imagery, and even sent me as far away as Rome to capture business conventions. It’s hard to imagine anything better for someone who would otherwise be chronically bored.

Too many people spend their days enduring things they hate for a living. Literally millions of people waste the precious, irreplaceable days of their lives fretting over how many more grains of sand need to fall before they’re finally back home with a cold beer and a couple hours of television. Photography for me is anything but that. A ten-hour gig can fly by as if it were nothing. Sure, days like that leave me exhausted, but it doesn’t seem like work. Work is something you do when you’d rather be doing anything else. Photography is my Eight Hour Lunch.